Gutter Questions in Ventura County and Surrounding Areas

Q) What is “seamless”?

A) Gutters are roll formed on job site to custom fit your home, with all straight runs being 1 continuous piece (unlike sectional gutters that come in 10 or 20-foot sections and are seamed together), the only seams are where the gutter miters around corners. The elimination of a seam every 10 or 20 feet greatly reduces the potential for future problems with your gutter system.

Q) What are mitres?

A) Mitres are where two pieces of gutter meet at the corners of a roofline. We custom cut our mitres at the angle of the corner, overlap the metal, fasten with sheet metal screws and seal water tight with a high-quality polyurethane-based construction caulking.

Q) Do I need to be home for an estimate?
A) No, as long as we can gain access to the outside perimeter of the house, nobody needs to be home for an estimate. One of our highly experienced estimators will come by and measure your house and draw a roof diagram showing the locations of gutters and downspouts according to specific instructions you give us over the phone. We will leave a detailed copy of estimate, along with a color chart if needed, underneath your front door mat. If you have any questions, please call & we will be happy to answer them for you.
Q) I am getting my house painted, should my gutter system be replaced also?
A) You should replace your gutter system only if it needs replacing (rusted, full of holes, not working properly, etc.). During the painting process is the best time to replace worn out and non-functional gutters. Once you have decided to paint your house, start by getting some estimates from paint & gutter contractors. After choosing your contractors and getting a start date from your painter, have the old gutters & downspouts removed just prior to painting (this allows a fresh coat of paint underneath the area where your new gutters will be). The next step is to choose a color, we can supply a color chart of available colors and color chips of the actual metal as needed. The general rule is to have the gutter match with the facia board or roof and the downspouts to match the body of house so to make the entire gutter system blend in with your house as much as possible. Yes, it is ok to have one color for the gutter and a different color(s) for the downspouts. If you choose colors from our color chart, ask your painter to have the paint mixed to match our color. We would then install new gutter and downspouts with factory baked-on acrylic finish after the painting is completed. If you cannot find a suitable color match from our 30 + available colors, we can install your new gutters & downspouts and you can have painter paint to match.
Q) I live in an area with trees, is there anything to prevent leaves from clogging up my gutters?
A) Leaves clogging up a gutter are probably the number one cause of a gutter failing to function properly. A few leaves covering the downspout outlet hole will cause the whole gutter to fill up with roof runoff and overflow the top of the gutter. It is best to have your gutters cleaned two to four times a year, depending on the amount of trees, to remove any debris and leaves. A gutter or leaf guard can be installed over the opening of a gutter to prevent leaves from getting into gutter. While this significantly reduces the possibility of cloggage, your gutters still need to be checked periodically.
Q) Does the Rain Drain carry gutter or leaf guard protection?

A) The Rain Drain has several different options in gutter or leaf guard protection available to fit your particular needs.

  1. Downspout Strainers are an inexpensive solution that fit into the top of your downspout and sift out the debris that cause annoying clogs.
  2. Ultra Flo Gutter Protection System is a black, powder coated steel mesh or leaf screen that locks into your rain gutter and prevents leaves from getting into your gutter and causing overflowing. Three sizes of openings (holes): Large hole = ¼ inch, small hole = 1/8 inch and MicroX = 1/16 inch. Also available in copper ( large hole only).
  3. SHUR FLO Gutter Protection System an aluminum cover that fits over the top of a gutter and like the Ultra Flo, prevents leaves from getting into your gutter. Available in white, black and mill finish and works well for pine needles.
  4. FREE-FLO Leaf Filter is an advanced leaf guard unlike any other on the market. It is made of ¾” thick industrial strength nylon which sits neatly inside your gutter and prevents even small debris from entering your gutter giving superior gutter protection. FREE-FLO Leaf Filter works on all gutter and roof types.
Q) What criteria should I use when deciding on a gutter contractor?
A) When choosing a gutter contractor, many factors should be considered.
Obviously price is always a major concern. While most of your licensed gutter contractors will be in similar price range for a similar gutter system, you should shy away from any that are extremely out of that range (high & low). Also be aware that different material types, profiles and sizes in gutters & downspouts are not priced the same. You should ask your neighbors and friends about whom they used and if they are satisfied with the gutters system they got. It is generally best to hire a known contractor with a proven track record, as they will most likely still be in business if any service is needed in the future. You should feel comfortable with and have confidence in the level of service you are to receive with whomever you hire. Always hire a licensed contractor who carries liability and workman’s compensation insurance. These will offer you, the customer, protection from personal liability and recourse in the event of something going wrong. Also use local resources such as the Better Business Bureau to inquire about your prospective contractor before hiring.

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